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haywood road revitalization plan

about the project

Partnered with Clark Patterson Lee architects, the SW+A Greenville office, Sprague and Sprague traffic engineers, and RKG real estate consultants, the urban edge studio conducted a week long charrette to study a 725 acre suburban area centered around Haywood Road, near downtown Greenville. 

The Haywood Road District is characterized by commercial strip centers, a few large office buildings, hotels, industrial uses, and limited multi family subdivisions.  Some of the strip centers are beginning to fail, and the City of Greenville had the foresight to hire our team to study the redevelopment of the area before the problems become major. 

The charrette team worked diligently to provide a great number of ideas to turn the Haywood Road District into a vibrant, walkable, “uptown” for the City of Greenville. 

The charrette deliverables provided the City with a great deal of images and ideas to help guide smart mixed use redevelopment, and lay the groundwork for the City of Greenville’s first form based code.