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nebo settlement smartcode

about the project

The nebo settlement smartcode is a mixed use master plan created for a private landowner in Awendaw, South Carolina.

The planning process consisted of a very transparent series of public workshops, including a detailed visual preference survey, that allowed the citizens of Awendaw to help guide the design process.

The plan achieves over 60 percent open space while creating two compact and walkable mixed-use neighborhoods that are sized based on a five minute walk.

The nebo settlement code is organized using the Smart Code.  Using the precedent towns of McClellanville and Beaufort to calibrate the code, the nebo settlement is designed to produce a loveable aesthetic and framework that can be embraced by the local community.

The plan proposes locations for a school, an active recreation area, passive park squares at the center of each neighborhood, a community garden, a 2 mile trail system, and agricultural and conservation lots.

+ watch the 3-d fly   thru here!video-nebo.html

The Nebo Settlement won an honor award at the tri-state 2010 ASLA meeting!