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big vision.  real plans.

urban edge studio is all about dreaming big and providing grand creative visions.  however, with     SW+A’s 25+ years of experience getting projects built, and civil engineering in house, we provide cutting edge plans that are grounded in reality.

a form based approach.

regulating our built environment by form rather than strictly by use has many advantages.  for example, form based codes provide a calibrated local aesthetic, flexibility in product and use, and the ability to respond to economic changes.  ues is well versed in form based codes and the Smart Code, and prefer it as our primary planning method.

category 5 mindphoon!

compared to the old-school brainstorm session, the bigger and more powerful charrette process is a veritable mindphoon.  we feel that the more ideas we can gather, the better the design will be.  ues utilizes the charrette process on nearly every project.

roll up your sleeves.

in order to fully engage our clients in each project, ues offers an interactive website for every project.  clients can view correspondence, create to do items, view milestones, send messages, and share files.

brainstorms are yesterdays news.