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scroll of honor memorial park

about the project

The Clemson Scroll of Honor is a memorial park dedicated in memory of the 472 Clemson Alumni who gave the ultimate sacrifice in service to their country. 

The design was formed through a collaborative effort between urban edge studio, Clemson University, and sculptors James Nelson and TJ Dixon. 

The design begins with a plaza across from the Clemson Memorial Stadium with granite benches and bronze tiger sculptures standing in guard of the granite stepping stone entrance to the memorial area.  Further into the site is a large traditional barrow mound enclosed by a wall of stones.  The stones are engraved with the names and graduating class of the fallen heroes so that they may never be forgotten.  Large granite boulders and a leaning ring of elm trees encircle the barrow, providing a shaded place for solace and reflection.

urban edge studio is honored to have been selected to design this very special memorial park that will be an important place in the life and history of Clemson University.