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think urban. think form based.

urban edge studio is a physical studio of SW+A that focuses on urban design and form based planning. 

by specializing, ues is able to excel in their niche and practice using the beliefs that inspire them.

getting outside of the box.

ues has carved out an open studio environment within the walls of SW+A.  the open work environment fosters collaboration, creative idea generation, and an energetic workplace.

believe with us.

our beliefs define us as designers.  here is what we believe:

in creating dense, walkable, thriving settlements

in promoting mixed-use urban cores that provide daily needs within walking and biking distance

in providing a mix of living options

in growing in nodes to preserve open space and farmland

in redeveloping our urban edge into sustainable communities

that working with the community creates better plans.

in creating flexible plans that allow settlements to respond to shifts in the economy

that each place holds its own unique character and new growth should reinforce that character.

that good design makes a big difference.


what our clients are saying

“We were pleased to work with Urban Edge Studio (UES) on the development plan for the Nebo Tract in Charleston County.  UES listened to our requests and responded quickly and professionally throughout the entire process.  The quality of UES research, plans and presentations were excellent and provided the desired results to move forward with our project.”

-Robin Jolley, CEO

American Forest Management

image courtesy DPZ